what mariel made: a friday list

greetings, sweet people. and happy friday!

i just wanted to check in and archive a list of the random things making me happy these days.

  1. punodostres’ youtube channel + i love creatives // where to even begin with puno? keep an eye out for a separate puno-dedicated post coming soon. she has lit a creative fire in me, for which i am so grateful. start with taking a gander at her youtube videos: this is a good one to start with, especially if you like mukbangs
  2. podcasts // a separate post coming up on my favorites but in the meantime, i’ve been listening to this one + this one
  3. devendra banhart’s + kelis’ home tours
  4. full circle farm volunteering opportunities // farmer mariel at your service
  5. henry jamison’s album – the rains // especially “real peach” + “if you could read my mind” + “dallas love field
  6. clem leek’s album – rest // explosions in the sky + julien baker-vibed instrumental music.
  7. matt blease’s illustrations // i love how he creates visual puns from colloquial phrases.
  8. summer picnics + barbeques // need i say more? what time is it?  s u m m a t i m e ! ! (rachel chung, that was for you.)
  9. wide legged pants // i wear my white ones at least twice a week.
  10. pointed mules // i wear mine almost every day.
  11. giving up coffee // more than the caffeine, i just miss the act of getting coffee. i’ve been trained to be a caffeine capitalist. but giving up coffee, i think has been improving my skin.
  12. cold naengmyeon on a hot summer’s day // mmm, i can already hear the noodle slurping.
  13. having breakfast // no matter where or when it is, having just 15-20 minutes of quiet in the morning makes the world of a difference. i want to make this one day and this, ooh, and this too.
  14. andrew wyeth paintings // i need a print of this or this in my house one day
  15. researching home plants // got my eye on a rubber tree + a zz plant + a ficus pandurata bush plant
  16. spotting fruit trees // i saw a beautiful fig tree on my way to work today. i am so tempted to take my fruit picker there this weekend and get a couple figs for breakfast.
  17. new city catechism study // been doing this with several brothers and sisters at church, so good. thank you, tim keller!
  18. janelle monae’s voice // “oh, maker” is where my love for janelle’s voice began years ago, just listen + you’ll understand.
  19. the creator of danny phantom recreating the characters 10 years later // did anyone else have a crush on danny phantom growing up? nope? only me? okay, byee.
  20. snail mail // you get a letter and you get a letter and you get a letter!

thank you for being remotely interested in what’s been interesting me lately.

have a most *everything good* start to your weekend,
❤ mariel



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  1. yes to henry jamison and also podcasts and also those pants and also just the aesthetic of this entire post

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