what mariel does: taking stock #11 {february 2016}

Making: this smoothie/milkshake pretty much on the daily as long as I have bananas on hand (haha and yes, that is also a shameless plug for my last blog post/video)
Cooking: a lot of sweet potatoes in various ways (i.e. roasted, boiled, mashed with marinara sauce, in brownies, etc.)
Drinking: hot water with lemon (because I had a lemon that was on the verge of going bad and I hear this is a good drink to help with digestion and jumpstart your body’s processes)
Reading: lots of short stories for a fiction workshop I’m currently taking (why didn’t I do them before today #timemanagement #alwayschallenging)
Wanting: to cook all day and watch The Office (my perfect day, right there)
Looking: forward to spending a day with a friend from California whom I haven’t seen since this past summer
Playing: the Deep Focus playlist on Spotify a lot lately for when I do work (but for a good song with words, try this one on for size)
Wasting: time sleeping in on Thursdays usually
Sewing: together game plans for Valentine’s Day + future projects
Wishing: I could bake and have a slice of this cake at this very moment
Enjoying: a lot of NPR Tiny Desk Concerts lately (Shakey Graves’ most recent one is great, as is the Sylvan Esso one)
Waiting: for the next Tegan and Sara album to be released #lp8whereareyou #icantwait
Liking: the fact that I’m actually working out nowadays (big shoutout to FitBear workout classes + all the amazing instructors who are helping me stay in shape this semester)
Loving: my final senior semester of college
Hoping: to put out a lot more video content this year (keep an eye out for one later!)
Smelling: fried, homemade dumplings (perks of living with a sweet, diligent person named Alice)
Wearing: the death out of my camel cashmere sweater from Talbots (I got it on sale and I wish I had gotten two more…I love it so much, it’s so soft and warm.)
Following: a mostly non-dairy diet lately, lactose and my stomach don’t get along (but I won’t give up cheese just yet)
Noticing: my tax return forms and realizing that I need to file those soon!
Feeling: sick of school work already but also so grateful for some of the amazing classes that I have the privilege of taking right now
Bookmarking: this recipe for roasted cauliflower “wings” from hot for food’s blog
Opening: and refreshing this website a lot lately to find affordable, unique events around the city (gotta take advantage of this amazing city, people!)
Giggling: at Jim’s antics and Dwight’s reactions (The Office is my go-to Netflix show in my free time lately)
Feeling: excited for this semester and a bit nostalgic (All praise be to God, who let this last semester be an enriching and more relaxed one. 97 days til graduation. Eek!)

Have a productive day/night.

❤ mariel

p.s. here’s a Youtube channel that I enjoy for it’s creative and crisp video content (I gave up Youtube for Lent, so I’m feeling pretty the Youtube withdrawal symptoms pretty hard right now.)




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  1. Aah I love hot for food!! You should look up this youtube channel: I think you might dig the aesthetic –


    Much love,

    Abby Miller

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