what mariel made: 2016 new year’s resolutions

Happy new year, friends! I know it’s been a while, but thank you for hanging in there with me. I’m going to try something different this year in terms of how I set my ‘New Year’s Resolutions.’ Usually, I reflect on the past year and set broad resolutions for the new year, but therein lies my problem.

Broad resolutions. Vague resolutions. Meh—resolutions.

In my case, setting broad, non-specific resolutions tends to encourage me not to keep to them. For instance, one of my resolutions for last year was to read more for leisure, and I think that one actually backfired because I read less books than in the year before. Basically, I need to set more specific, concrete goals. (i.e. Read 5 books in 2016.)

Now, time for the actual reflection and resolutions. I’d like to open with a trio of haikus (feelin’ kinda weird and creative right now, so go along with it).

two thousand fifteen
challenging times and people
but had God’s support

computer science
messed with my overall health
but i made it through

two thousand sixteen
scary but exciting year
i think i’m ready

As my elementary poetry might suggest, 2015 wasn’t an easy year for me nor was it for many people in my life. Thinking back, 2015 was a rough time for a multitude of reasons. Various friends suffered the loss of loved ones, and death had a closer presence overall. Academically and physically, I was most challenged and stressed in the first half of the year to the extent of losing hair and witnessing my health deteriorate considerably. I previously never felt so incompetent and unconfident in myself. Thankfully, summer break was a period of rejuvenation, rest, and healing. I enjoyed a third summer at an internship, reuniting with friends, old and new. My health slowly began a steady incline, and by the time September rolled around, I felt ready to face my penultimate semester of college.

The fall semester was a direct inverse of the spring semester in ways. It was a period of realization, realizing that I was a senior and at the “top of the food chain,” so to speak. As an underclassman, I idealized being a senior and highly anticipated feeling effortlessly cool and composed. Well, newsflash kids, that doesn’t necessarily happen. If I’ve discovered anything during in the last four years, it’s that I know so little about so many things and there is always room to learn and grow. Not to say that becoming a college senior is solely scary and intimidating. It most definitely is those things, but there’s a redeeming undercurrent of excitement and possibility. You can’t ignore that.

I enjoyed the fall semester for several reasons. I finally experienced what loving a class felt like (referring to my Asian Americans and the Psychology of Race seminar + my Beginning Fiction Workshop classes), and I was able to share more unforgettable memories and moments with several dear friends. Overall, 2015 ended on a good note.

At the start of 2016, I was not excited for the new year and was annoyed at the deluge of new year-related posts that sprung up in social media. Thinking about it now, that was my anxiety and reluctance towards the new year manifesting itself. Knowing that my final college winter break is coming to a close, I want to make the most of my time and take action. Thus, this post and these new resolutions.

Mariel Kim’s 2016 Resolutions (*means an intentionally broad resolution)

  1. Read 5 non-school related books {reading more than 5 is just an added bonus}
  2. Give up Youtube for Lent {meaning watching Youtube for entertainment}
  3. Post 2 blog posts per month {again, any more than 2 is bonus}
  4. Open up some sort of shop {Etsy, Tictail, etc. to promote that entrepreneurial spirit}
  5. Read all of the Psalms {and this book}
  6. Travel to at least one new place in 2016 {this can be anywhere, local, but ideally somewhere out-of-state}
  7. Apply to at least 2 jobs/week {until you find one}
  8. Make your bed each morning with a prayer {part of developing a routine}
  9. *Continue to create {you’re a maker, Mar, and maker’s gonna make}
  10. *Love more, judge less
  11. *Take ownership of your talents
  12. *Be generous with your money + time
  13. *Connect others
  14. *Find routine once you’re in a place to make a routine {aka once you’re graduated}
  15. *Articulate more {in your speech and writing…by reading more}
  16. *Keep documenting your life in different ways {blogging, journaling, drawing, etc.}

That’s all for now, folks. I just got my wisdom teeth extracted, so I probably won’t be going out into the world and exploring much in the near future, but maybe I’ll write or watch something cool and let you now. Thank you for bearing with me this far. I hope 2016 is a good one for you (even if it’s hard, I hope you still wind up in positive territory at the end).

Also, please enjoy this quirky video I made rounding up every egg photo I’ve taken on my iPhone(s) in 2015. It’s pretty speggtacular if I do say so myself (sorry, couldn’t help it).

Have a productive day/restful night! Happy New Year!

❤ mariel



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