where mariel went: upstate {final fall retreat}

Last weekend I journeyed upstate for a final fall retreat with my college ministry, RUF City Campus Ministry (CCM). It was a restful weekend defined by meeting new friends, seeing old ones, and taking refuge in a beautiful, quiet space away from the city. It was so good. I cannot say much else about it without being redundant, so here are some moments from the retreat that I managed to capture on my trusty iPhone.

I recommend listening to this wee little playlist I put together while scrolling through the photos. It sums up the emotions I felt this weekend. Nostalgia. That’s it. I felt nostalgic the entire weekend. Meeting the new students and seeing people connect and become friends took me back to my first year of school when I was experiencing the same things. I could not help but see all the budding friendships and memories awaiting the underclassmen. I am so encouraged and excited for the future generations of CCM. Without further ado, here are the photos.

Our last stop on the train. Retreat house-bound!

“The Garrison House” aka our beautiful fall retreat space.

Right before sunset overlooking the Hudson.

We were among the first people to trek up to the house and got to enjoy a quiet moment before everyone else arrived.

The view from a window.

A most picturesque nap.

A semi-posed but pensive Mariel.

A game of Blokus.

An impromptu private + open-mic concert.

A hiking break on the Hudson.


Morning quiet time.


The way to the trails.

On the train tracks.

A rogue model on the railroad.

Mariel Takes a Joy Ride, Part I.

Mariel Takes a Joy Ride, Part II. (kinda wished there was a Part III with me on the ground.)

One of our pastors grillin’ up some dinner.

An impromptu dance party.

A sweet moment between friends.

Cotton candy skies + pre-s’mores sunset.

Our last morning.

Nostalgia hitting especially hard here.

On the train.

Homeward bound.

In CCM, I’ve found my second family and spiritual home. I have forged the strongest ties with people here. They’ve seen me through my highest and lowest points, and I am so grateful for them.

Have a restful day/night, y’all.

❤ mariel

p.s. I took a disposable camera along with me on retreat, so stay tuned for when I develop those gems.


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