what mariel does: taking stock #9 {september 2015}

Making: plans to run errands tomorrow like visiting the bank, etc. (cheers to being an adult…woo)
Cooking: “tofu stew” aka 두부조림 (due to a serious craving for Korean food)
Drinking: iced coffee a lot (when I make it at home, I buy a Starbucks venti black iced coffee, remove the ice, and keep it in fridge for up to 5 days. When I want to drink it, I add almond milk, a little bit of agave, and it completely hits the spot)
Reading: this article about swallowing pills (because I contribute to the 40% of American adults who have trouble swallowing pills)
Wanting: a fjallraven kanken backpack (I don’t need a new backpack at al, but I sure do want one of those.)
Looking: forward to an upcoming trip I just booked to visit a newly graduated friend (Detroit, I’m comin’ atcha)
Playing: Ryan Adams’ 1989 cover album on repeat (it’s so good y’all, if you don’t like T.Swift’s songs, you’re bound to like Ryan’s renditions of her music)
Wasting: so much time on Snapchat (Curse you, funny, time-consuming video filters, curse you!)
Sewing: (should be sewing) a hole in the armpit of a knit dress that I wore the other day
Wishing: that WordPress would step up its game with saving drafts (I’ve lost so much content because of this problem!)
Enjoying: my new Fitbit (it was definitely a splurge, but it’s a great tool for walking/exercise motivation…or that’s what I tell myself anyways)
Waiting: for a couple of textbooks that I really need (Ayayaya, I’m a senior now! I need to pull it together!)
Liking: Claire Thomas’ older videos on her Vimeo channel (check out the avocado toast, fried egg, and about me videos)
Loving: the power of a phone call and simply hearing someone’s voice
Hoping: that I get into a good work/play rhythm (just need those textbooks so I can work on the “work” part of that rhythm)
Smelling: my green tea (opted for this over an iced coffee tonight…I need to fall asleep)
Wearing: sneakers, a lot (I am so thankful for the “athleisure” trend at the moment)
Following: Madeleine Shaw’s Youtube channel (it’s a sweet “healthy living” channel with good quality videos)
Noticing: how bad my sleeping pattern has become (aka my never-ending pursuit of becoming a morning person)
Feeling: incredibly excited for this weekend’s fall retreat with my college ministry (s’gonna be an awesome time of rest and community)
Bookmarking: many job applications and careers pages (aka the life of a college senior)
Opening: my window a lot since we have no air conditioning (but thank goodness the fall weather is gradually setting in)
Giggling: at this Miranda Sings video (just watch it, it gets hilarious.)
Feeling: a bit anxious for getting through this semester, but I’m also excitedly anticipating all the wonderful people and memories that I’ll be cherishing from Fall 2015. Here we go!

Have a productive day/night.



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