what mariel does: taking stock #8 {august 2015}

Making: notes of names that I like (yeah, pretty random, but there are some names that I just looooove, why not plan for many years in the future? #thinkingahead)
Cooking: banana bread with my dad (due to a major banana surplus in our house)
Drinking: so much iced water (I keep craving Vietnamese iced coffee, but I’m trying to exercise some control, plus most days I’m too lazy to go out and get an iced drink that I can’t make at home)
Reading: a recipe for chocolate chip walnut oatmeal cookies (shoutout to the person behind Man Made Cookies, you know who you are!)
Wanting: a pair of hand-me-down overalls (I may or may not be influenced by Frankie’s style from Grace and Frankie)
Looking: for the new Oreo thins (I’m not a fan of Oreo cream, but I love the chocolate cookies, so I think I’ve found my perfect type of America’s Favorite Cookie)
Playing: all of the videos from the BuzzFeedViolet Youtube channel (I forever ship AshDrew. Those people just make me happy.)
Wasting: a lot of time taking 2-hour naps (I swear, a 20-minute nap is almost impossible to achieve for me)
Sewing: (or sewed) a couple pillowcases out of a shower curtain for my sister’s college dorm.
Wishing: that my sisters and I had all the same holiday breaks, so that our family holidays could line up (alas…they don’t and never do; also @Barnard/Columbia: what the heck are you thinking making exams end the week of Christmas? seriously that’s not right, thanks A LOT for making flying back home THAT much more complicated *storms off)
Enjoying: binge-watching all of Gidget within the span of 3 days (this is my favorite oldie, by far)
Waiting: for slumber to fully hit me (I need to fall asleep soon and train my body to wake up early again!)
Liking: wrapping boxes…a lot (I swear my mom and I could’ve been a couple of Santa’s head packaging elves, for reference: we’ve been sending a couple boxes to my sister…we’re not just wrapping random boxes here and there)
Loving: being around my family and seeing them truly setting roots with a loving, growing church community (shoutout to Forest Community Church)
Hoping: to take many more photos with my new camera for future posts (once I fully learn how to use it, that is)
Smelling: wet pavement every now and again (aka the smell of summer, I love it)
Wearing: my youngest sister’s sandals when she’s at school (they’re just so much more comfortable than mine!)
Following: @dearestdaughters on Instagram (I am absolutely enchanted by the three daughters featured in this Instagram account. I hope my account looks similar in the future…just sayin’)
Noticing: how much stress can and has actually affected me physically (stress kills, y’all, it’s no joke)
Feeling: grateful for meeting and building relationships with some really good people this summer (truly. good. people.)
Bookmarking: the Note To Self podcast for my future commutes to class and church (I’ve listened to an episode already, and I’m very intrigued; thank you to @LeighAnnSays for the recommendation)
Opening: Netflix a lot and perusing the movies and not watching anything…(it’s a pretty common occurrence and not very productive in any way)
Giggling: at this Vogue short starring the ever vivacious Emma Stone (…NO IT’S MAGIC)
Feeling: nervous about all the hard work that’s going to be required for this coming academic year but also feeling excited and oddly at peace about the overall bigger picture #jesustakethewheel

Have a blessed day/night as always.

❤ mariel

p.s. I know I’ve been saying it for awhile, but stay tuned for some exciting things in the near future, oh and check out this fun song! toodles! (Gidget reference)


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