what mariel does: taking stock #7 {june 2015}

Happy Weekend, everyone. I’ve been taking stock this week, so let me know what you’ve been up to, too.

Making: a line-up of blog posts (I’m trying to get better at posting consistently, y’all)
Cooking: lots of soft-boiled eggs (perfect for breakfast, lunch, or dinner in my opinion. fyi: 5 minutes is my perfect soft-boiled egg)
Drinking: a {pepper}mint matcha latte from peet’s (so, so delicious–a bay area favorite of mine.)
Reading: through She Reads Truth‘s Fruit of the Spirit series right now (great website aesthetic + sweet content to read each morning/evening)
Wanting: a quality camera that will serve a multitude of purposes (sorry, y’all will have to put up with my iPhone photos for a little longer while I look for the perfect camera)
Looking: at people, a.k.a. “people watching” (I’ve managed to strategically park myself at a street-side café)
Playing: the Strange Trails album by Lord Huron on my commutes home (I dig the cowboy-Old Western-wanderlust-y sound of the record)
Wasting: time watching Star Trek Voyager when I could be sleeping (don’t get me wrong, I love Voyager and oh man, Captain Janeway rocks my world, she’s so badass, but I should put Netflix away when I get ready for bed…I don’t hehe)
Sewing: together plans to see some childhood friends soon (I’m itching to do some “now and then/back to the future” photo edits later)
Wishing: for teleportation (missing friends and family across the country)
Enjoying:  keeping a food journal (just started one to help me see what has been making my digestive system a bit wonky recently…it’s literally just a notebook where I write down everything I eat, nothin’ fancy)
Waiting:  until I get hungry so I can treat myself to a little dinner (#treatyoself2015, thank you Parks & Recreation for making that concept known to me)
Liking: substituting almond milk in my coffee/lattes lately (wondering if dairy is making me feel odd)
Loving: Joy Cho’s latest video series on the Oh Joy! youtube channel (helpful for aspiring bloggers/entrepreneurs)
Hoping: to get some crafting in later tonight (so many ideas, so little time!)
Smelling: butter and sugar (yep, still at the same bakery café)
Wearing: hats more often (trying to protect my skin from the sun #effectsofretinA)
Following: Love Taza’s youtube channel (I absolutely adore her NYC guide videos and darling family)
Noticing: these adorable, dainty earrings (alas, I curse the $95 price tag)
Feeling: grateful for people in my life who take the time and care to make others feel comfortable and appreciated
Bookmarking: Creative Boom for inspiration (thank you Pinterest for leading me to this gem)
Opening: the VSCOcam app a lot lately (to take pics of my wonderful surroundings…I love northern California)
Giggling: at an episode of Freaks and Geeks (yep, watching this show again; it’s such a cult classic)
Feeling: frustrated because I just lost half of my original post because WordPress does not automatically save your blog drafts, apparently (y’all gotta work on that, WordPress)! Well, gotta move onward and upward. I’m also excited for this week, there are a couple of fun things planned ahead.

Here are a couple photos from a day when I was feeling a bit “off” after work. To my sweet surprise, a thoughtful friend kept me company for dinner. Then, on the way back home, I listened to the entire Strange Trails album. It was an evening of good food, good music, and a good friend.

dinner at gott's

driving home

Have a blessed day/night as always.


p.s. here’s the cutest thing you will see all day

p.p.s. the picture above of the food includes mini corndogs that were AMAZING + a random, free order of fries #gottsroadside #willtakefreefood #alwaysgettheminicorndogs



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