what mariel does: reflecting + taking stock #6 {may 2015}

Hello, and welcome to my summer vacation. My internship commenced this week, along with a mission to become a healthier human bean. (I can’t remember the last time I worked out regularly, and that terrifies me.)

This past academic year was, as I’ve been saying to many people, a doozy. I knew junior year was going to be tough, but I did not apprehend the extent to which I’d be challenged academically, mentally, and emotionally. There were moments of complete and utter exhaustion and defeat. At the same time, however, I have also never been so encouraged and uplifted by my community. If there is one thing that I can confidently say about college, it is that your time at college will be defined by extremes. From extreme sleeping patterns to extreme emotions, it’s all there, jam-packed into 4 years, give or take. It’s exhausting but oddly life-giving and so vivid.

No matter how many times I say “I hate school” in times of stress and seemingly endless studying, I love college and I know I’ll miss it once I graduate next year. To all the rising-juniors out there, be forewarned but also enthused for the upcoming year. You’ll be pushed in ways you were not expecting, but hopefully you will come out of it a wiser, more humble person of stronger character (this is what I hope for you, anyways).

Okay, that’s enough reflecting, moving on to the actual “taking stock” portion:

Making: plans to work out in the evenings and get back on track this summer (five days in and on track)
Cooking: cups of tea (yeah…that’s the extent of my cooking activity these days…very sad)
Drinking: a lot of tea (…makes sense, right?)
Reading: Marmee and Louisa and kind of loving the fact that I’m inadvertently learning a lot about American history (I’m usually not a natural history buff at all)
Wanting: a nice pair of sunglasses that are minimal and will match with all types of outfits (like the equivalent of these for my rounder face shape)
Looking: for an affordable pair of black, tapered pants suitable for work (preferably on the cropped side for my short legs)
Playing: “Margins” by Amason on repeat (I love the 70s sound of this song in particular)
Wasting: money on drinks that I don’t want at Starbucks (don’t you hate it when you crave a drink, order one, and then immediately stop craving it? no? maybe it’s just me)
Sewing: together my summer goals (slowly but surely)
Wishing: and praying for a passing grade in a certain class… (the struggle is real, y’all)
Enjoying: my morning commutes with a dear friend and mentor
Waiting: until I can go for swims during my lunch breaks (still a bit too chilly in northern California)
Liking: having a purpose (ooh, getting a little deep here, but seriously, I like going to work every morning and having a set list of things to do, work is good and makes rest sweet…at least for me)
Loving: being embraced and welcomed back by old friends and colleagues (lots of hugs and “how have you been?!”s going around)
Hoping: that this summer is truly restful + healing + productive
Smelling: my green ginger tea
Wearing: lots of blouses and slacks (work attire)
Following: Chrissstttiiine’s Youtube channel pretty religiously lately (been subscribed to her for a while, she’s just a cool cat)
Noticing: that I need to work on my posture (sitting at a desk all day is not helping, I’ll tell you that)
Feeling: grateful for video chat technology even when it’s slightly faulty (missing loved ones in different places)
Bookmarking: my wishlist on Amazon (currently more interested in all-natural skincare products, any suggestions for all-natural facial scrubs?)
Opening: Netflix to finally watch the third season of House of Cards (oh man, here goes nothin’)
Giggling: at this episode of Lauren Lapkus’ podcast: With Special Guest Lauren Lapkus (“…KAREN.” shout out to my friend, Adriana, for recommending the podcast to me)
Feeling: very, very blessed to have this balanced time of work and rest. May summertime rejuvenation commence!

Have a blessed day/night as always.




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  1. Clara E Goebel May 24, 2015 — 4:09 am

    really appreciate your stuff – i just wanted to note that i think you said “apprehend” when you meant “comprehend” or something of the like in your first paragraph. 🙂


    Clara Goebel Undergraduate, French/Pre-Med Research Assistant, Clinical Neuroendocrinology Laboratory VP Membership/Secretary, Delete Blood Cancer – DKMS Longhorn Chapter The University of Texas at Austin

    • Hey Clara! Thanks for your comment! I actually meant to say “apprehend” in that first paragraph. I was using it to convey that I didn’t “anticipate” the extent of junior year’s challenges, but thanks for letting me know!

      Hope you’re doing well and that junior year treated you better than it treated me. 😉 Have a good one!

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