what mariel plans: april 2015

This here is a list of events + places + things I plan to or want to go/do in the month of April. Hopefully it inspires you to check out some places around you or in the city!

event: lighthouse and the whaler concert
Since a close friend of mine got me hooked on their music about two years ago, we’ve been waiting for them to announce their next show in New York, and it’s coming up in a couple of weeks! I cannot wait. Check them out if you’re interested. I like this song by them. This one too.

place: steep rock bouldering
I recently caught up with a high school friend who has fallen head over heels for rock climbing in the past year, and she recommended this place in the Upper East Side. Prices seem reasonable, and it looks like a fun activity to do with several friends. Dunno if I’ll actually make it this month, but it’s definitely bookmarked.

thing: find the secret playground
All I will say is that I found this place via Cup of Jo’s blog, and I will leave it up to you to find that blog post and directions to the secret playground. I want to keep it somewhat of a secret too! Ideally, the weather from  mid-April onwards will be appropriate for being outside and frolicking in a playground, but we’ll see.

thing: eat a dough donut right after easter
I gave up dessert for Lent, and all I can think about are Dough donuts. Yep, that’s all I have to say. Pretty self-explanatory.

place: egg shop
My favorite food is eggs. This place is called Egg Shop and serves egg-everything. You can do the math here. I’m thinking next brunch place, lunch place, dinner place, every-meal place. Yeah?

thing: walk through and take all the pictures of washington mews
I love Greenwich Village for so many reasons, and I think I just found another one. Just check out the pictures of it here; how could you not want to go and take a picture there?

thing: dumplings + karaoke in chinatown
After recently celebrating a dear friend’s 22nd birthday in Chinatown, I’ve come to realize how perfect late night dumplings and karaoke could be (couldn’t find dumplings that night), so I want to create the happiness I imagined. Prosperity Dumpling is a possibility, but we’ll see…I’ll let y’all know what goes down.

Overall, I hope that April is an actual transition from winter to spring/summer for most of you and an overall more pleasant month. It’s been a long, gruesome winter for some of us, and sometimes having that one concert or dinner to look forward to makes all the difference.

Here’s a song to listen to, a video to make you giggle, and a Buzzfeed quiz to distract you.

Have a blessed night/day as always, y’all.

❤ mariel



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  1. If you like eggs, you should check this cafe out before everyone finds out about it: http://www.yelp.com/biz/c-and-b-new-york

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