what mariel does: taking stock #5 {mar 2015}

Hey there, it’s been too long. I’m sorry I let life get in the way, but I’m back! Here’s an update of what I’ve been up to lately.

Making: many trips to Dig Inn and other take-out places (life is getting busy, so I get lazy and don’t cook as often)
Cooking: lots of eggs (always. they’re easy, affordable, and quick. what else could I ask for?)
Drinking: a lot of matcha lattes actually (check out David’s Tea for a wonderful selection of matcha green tea lattes, I just tried their vanilla matcha…and um, yum-o!)
Reading: lots and lots of code for my Operating Systems midterm on Thursday (we’ll see how this goes)
Wanting: sweatpants like these (I actually had a dream about buying sweatpants a couple nights ago, so this is no joke)
Looking: forward to the weekend (and cue “Living for the Weekend” here, but seriously, it’s gonna be a long week)
Playing: “Lisa Sawyer” by Leon Bridges on repeat (thanks to a friend & a collaborative Spotify playlist)
Wasting: time worrying and thinking when I could be resting and doing (this is the exact same answer as my last taking stock post…what can I say, it’s an on-going struggle)
Sewing: together my creative endeavors (slowly but surely)
Wishing: it would get warmer in New York (winter coats need to be put away)
Enjoying: podcasts on my commutes (expect to see a post expanding more on this soon!)
Waiting: until I can wear a dress with bare legs (still very jaded about the weather here)
Liking: being twenty one (there’s a unexpected sense of purpose and maturity that I feel after turning twenty one…plus there’s the perk of having a solid beer with a burger when I go out now, oh yesss)
Loving: my community (and the ways I have seen us all hurt together, encourage one another, and grow together)
Hoping: that I can get back on a more consistent exercise regimen (I’ve been slackin’)
Smelling: my toothpaste (currently multitasking)
Wearing: hats very often (mainly beanies and my “Indiana Jones” hat)
Following: Wednesday_Music on SoundCloud (aka King Charles’ talented little sister. I found her during the winter, but now that we can kinda see spring/summer in the future, I hope she comes out with more music soon. check out her music video for “Sum Of”)
Noticing: that I prefer fall semesters over spring semesters (for many reasons…)
Feeling: stressed and bit nostalgic (I haven’t been a creative, “productive procrastinator” in a while, so it feels funny)
Bookmarking: Gilead by Marilynne Robinson (after I finish the current book I’m reading…who knows how long it’ll take me to get to Gilead at this pace)
Opening: so many Google Chrome tabs (thus is the life of a computer science major)
Giggling: at this video with my roommate (I hope the link works!)
Feeling: a bit sleepy as it’s almost 1:00am for me right now (my eyes have been in the half-closed position for a while). Honestly, I’m feeling weary and daunted in anticipation of this week. I need to take the anxious energy and make it productive, and on the whole, I know things will get a lot better in a matter of days. I hope y’all aren’t doing too bad yourselves. Have a blessed day/night as always.



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