what mariel made: 2015 new year’s goals

Well, here we are, finding ourselves in the midst of a brand new year. I was about to start this post by describing my mid-January slump, but I looked back at my previous new year’s post and found that I was in a similar place then. (So, let’s not harp on the negative.) Yep, slump recognized…now, moving on. Also following last year’s post, I’ll quickly recap my 2014 in bullet-points.

My 2014:

  • formally decided and declared to major in computer science
  • ended my second year of college + started my junior year {quietly hyperventilating in the corner}
  • roadtripped across the east coast with my dad + made unforgettable memories
  • was super challenged by classes and accepted the nature of the CS field
  • was forced to further recognize that I am broken and that only God’s love can fulfill my yearning for love
  • further experienced what true friendship really means and looks like {especially through a couple late night phone calls + talks}
  • had another extraordinary summer internship experience
  • explored Brooklyn + attended several cool shows  {Panama Wedding, Dan Croll, Wet, SOHN, + Once to name a few}
  • strengthened many friendships + made some new ones
  • witnessed how anxiety + depression can affect beloved friends’ lives
  • continued to find more and more value in my family
  • proudly witnessed one of my sisters get into college and achieve her long term goal
  • read several books for leisure + thoroughly enjoyed them {shoutout to Steinbeck, Lewis, + Hillenbrand}
  • learned more about myself + my role as a precious daughter of God

2014 was definitely harder than 2013, but I don’t regret anything that happened last year. Although there are experiences that left several bruises, the process of healing taught me more than a good experience could have. I truly understand the healing powers of Time now, and have further felt God’s love for me through the loving network of people around me. To the friends and family who saw me through tough and happy times last year, I am incredibly thankful for you and hope that I have also served you as a loving and comforting friend. (I should also note that I am grateful for Netflix, for its company especially on those late nights of packing.) Looking back, last year had a plethora of beautiful moments in it, but looking ahead, I plan to make even more in 2015. Here are my goals for the new year.

Goals for 2015: (* means repeat from last year)

  • r e a d   m o r e   b o o k s   f o r   l e i s u r e *  {I semi-accomplished this last year, and I intend to keep this reading ball rolling}
  • p r a y  +  r e a d  B i b l e   r e g u l a r l y *  {can’t underestimate the power of prayer and God’s Word, you’ve been slackin’ on this too, mar}
  • b e   m o r e   c o g n i z a n t   o f   m o n e y   s p e n d i n g *  {try taking out a weekly budget in cash and limit yourself to that, mar}
  • b l o g   c o n s i s t e n t l y *  {this one is always hard, but the results of it are so worth it}
  • c o n t i n u e   t o   c r e a t e *  {maker’s gonna make}
  • e a t   w e l l  +  t a k e   c a r e   o f   y o u r   b o d y  {look into the 7-minute workout + think about what food you’re putting into your body}
  • l o v e   m o r e   +   j u d g e   l e s s *  {unfortunately in some circumstances, I feel like I’ve continued to make quick judgments about people…be more understanding and humble even if it’s just in your heart, mar}
  • t a k e   p r o f e s s i o n a l   i n i t i a t i v e   {it’s a critical year for you, mar, so make it count!}
  • c o n t i n u e   t o   e x p l o r e . . .  {the city, yourself, your friendships, your library}
  • r e m e m b e r   w h e r e   y o u   c o m e   f r o m *  {stay rooted + don’t take your life for granted even in the hard times…you are so blessed + loved}

That’s another 10 goals jotted down for the year. I feel like I was pretty successful in achieving most of the goals last year, so let’s hope the same eventually applies to this year. Don’t be discouraged by the mid-January slump, y’all. Pick yourself up for enough time to tick off one, tiny task on your to-do list, and I guarantee, it’ll help jumpstart you to accomplish those bigger ones. Here’s to the new year filled with new people, opportunities, and strength.

Have a blessed day/night, y’all.

❤ mariel

p.s. Here’s a PERFECT song to get you on your feet. Shoutout to my fellow Parks and Rec fans out there.


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