what mariel played: a playlist + podcasts

My daily commute routine has recently consisted of listening to a couple different podcasts and several songs from my starred playlist on Spotify. If you’re looking for something different to listen to, check these out.

podcast 01 // All Songs Considered on NPR
All Songs Considered is my go-to podcast for walks in the morning because it’s a nice mix of conversation between the hosts, a variety of music, and commentary on the songs that are played. It wakes you up a bit with the banter between Bob Boilen and Robin Hilton and sometimes with the selections of music. It’s been a different way to discover new songs and artists and to learn the background on various musicians and music genres.

podcast 02 // the Moth podcast on NPR
This podcast features curated collections of true stories from Moth StorySLAMs. The stories range from being hilarious to poignant, many times both. I discovered this podcast after having gone to an actual Moth StorySLAM in New York last year. They are held all over the U.S., and I highly encourage you to check one out in a city near you (getting a little infomercial-y here, sorry). Needless to say, it’s a fun and easy-to-listen-to podcast. (Here’s a taste of what they’re like.)

current playlist // oct 2014
I’ve tried to “DJ” this playlist for you as best as I could. It starts out more upbeat, gets a little funky in the middle, and mellows out in the end. Hope you take a listen!


Thank y’all for sticking around. I cannot wait to be out of midterm season in a couple weeks, so I can post more frequently. Many ideas in the works, right now!

Have a blessed day/night, always.

❤ mariel

feature photo: my beautifully talented friend, Esther Jung, see more of her work here and on her blog


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