what mariel does: taking stock #4 {sept 2014}

Hey there, it’s been a while. Here’s an update of what I’ve been up to lately.

Making: so many banana chocolate chip muffins (this weekend has been literally overflowing with them)
Cooking: lots of frittatas also this weekend (I’ll be sure to include a recipe in a post soon!)
Drinking: so much coffee, black coffee too (I think I’ve entered the coffee season in my life…I feel as if I’ve entered some official “grown-up” realm now, it’s kinda sad)
Reading: about ethics and metaphysics for my Intro to Philosophy course (we’ll see how this goes)
Wanting: floral printed socks (like these)
Looking: forward to eating some apple cider donuts for breakfast tomorrow (I bought 10 today)
Playing: “A Little Lost” by Sufjan Stevens on repeat (thanks to an All Songs Considered podcast I listened to today)
Wasting: time worrying and thinking when I could be resting and doing.
Sewing: together my weekly schedule slowly but surely (making sure I use and organize my time wisely)
Wishing: there were more hours in a day (like everyone else in this busy world)
Enjoying: the DuoLingo app on my iPhone right now (currently learning French, it’s a very fun app)
Waiting: until I can catch up with friends I haven’t seen much of since coming back to the city
Liking: surprising friends with random gifts, especially of the food kind (this is also where all those apple cider donuts come in)
Loving: my apartment and the interesting dynamics between all of my suitemates
Hoping: that I can achieve more spurts of productivity and focus as I did for a period of time yesterday
Smelling: my peppermint tea (it’s soothing + clearing my sinuses a little bit)
Wearing: one of my favorite striped shirts (surprise, surprise) + chambray ankle trousers (aka my “professional” jeans)
Following: Yin Pang’s Youtube channel and blog and Instagram (recently found her via another Youtuber, she’s so beautiful and reminds me of someone I know, kinda, and her fashion is on point)
Noticing: that I’m not exercising as much as I used to…this better change soon, Mariel.
Feeling: at peace despite the load of Advanced Programming homework I’ve ignored up to this moment
Bookmarking: Louisa and Marmee soon, hopefully! (it’s a book detailing the relationship between Louisa May Alcott and her mother, who was the actual inspiration for Little Women’s Marmee! I know, I’m a dork, but I love the March family so much.)
Opening: many Amazon Prime packages (so far, it’s been a conglomeration of textbooks mixed with random housekeeping goodies)
Giggling: at this vine.
Feeling: a bit sleepy as it’s almost 1:00am for me right now. Also, feeling grateful for this platform + the creative resources that are so abundant in the people around me. Honestly though, I’m already feeling a bit weary in anticipation of this week. Jesus, take the wheel!



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