what mariel made: diy watercolor engagement card

I have been enjoying the look of watercolors and calligraphy lately, probably due to all of the wedding invitations I’ve seen on Pinterest and different blogs. A couple weeks ago, I invested an entire $2.97 in a Crayola watercolor palette and $6.99 on some children’s paint brushes to test out the quality of the Crayola paints, and I love the results. I think the key to getting the desired effect I got here is to use a good quality, watercolor/multi-media paper. I got a blank notebook of watercolor grade paper at Michaels for around $9-12. It’s really great, heavy-weight paper, like the more sophisticated cousin of card stock. The other key to this card result is using a nice, waterproof ink pen. I just used a 0.25mm Micron pen; I recommend this brand of pen, but I wish the nibs on these pens would not dull so quickly and that they were more affordable.


  • watercolor paper
  • scissors
  • pencil (optional, to trace out design on card)
  • waterproof ink pen (I used this one)
  • watercolor paint (I used the nostalgic Crayola palette)
  • brushes
  • water

step 1: cut out and fold your desired card size of watercolor paper (boom. you just made a blank card.)

blank card

step 2: (optional) trace out message or design on card with pencil

pencil traced design on card

step 3: trace over design on your card with the waterproof ink pen

trace over design with ink pen

…and erase pencil marks

card design traced over with pen

step 4: go crazy with watercolor paints. i used the method of laying down a layer of plain water and then adding in a gradient of paint and letting it bleed into the rest of the card. guide the watercolors with your brushes, or just let the color bleed and form its own patterns. keep adding water and/or paint until you get your desired look and let dry.

watercolor design on card

step 5: after letting dry completely, stick your card between the pages of a big book, or under a heavy weight (like a laptop) to flatten out, if necessary and voilà! you have a pinterest-worthy engagement card ready to give to someone.

finished card Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Thanks for reading and stopping by as always! I hope that you are having a joyful week thus far, and if you’re not, then watch this video–it might bring a smile to your face. Happy summer, happy weddings, and congratulations to those of you who are newly-wed and newly-engaged!

Have a blessed day and night, y’all.

❤ mariel




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  2. I really love this idea, it’s so simple and effective. Thanks so much for sharing.

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