what mariel does: taking stock #3 {may 2014}

Screen Shot 2014-05-05 at 12.23.47 AM

If you’re interested in “taking stock” of what I’m up to, then feast your eyes on this post. ; )

Making: plans to sleep on the plane soon…even switched from an aisle seat to a window seat. I’m ready, so ready…
Cooking: nothing still, but gathering more and more recipes to try in the future…
Drinking: hot tea (thankfully I’m not too affected by the caffeine in tea)
Reading: Psalms.
Wanting: a pair of new balances still…
Looking: forward to the moment my sleep-deprived body hits my bed at home…this 1.5-hour flight delay is just making that moment more precious.
Playing: my Dance Party playlist on Spotify so I don’t fall asleep, lots of Haim songs.
Wasting: money or will be wasting money soon on airport food, yay~
Sewing: together the last several memories I spent with some dear friends last night in my head + missing them so much already…
Wishing: I had more time and memories with certain people.
Enjoying: the dreary weather in New York right now. It compliments my current mood nicely.
Waiting: until I can go on a morning walk with my dad.
Liking: the Everyday Food Youtube channel with Sarah Carey. She’s concise, funny, and gives great tips.
Loving: reflection + seeing growth in friendships and people.
that the summer is healing one when I can develop my thoughts on some things.
Smelling: the Auntie Anne’s pretzels right by the gate I’m waiting at…oh the temptations.
Wearing: a gray sweatshirt, gray t-shirt, black sweatpants, sneakers, and a very undone french braid…comfort is key right now.
Following: EssieButton + EssieButtonVlogs on Youtube religiously (I have been for a while now, she’s so funny and makes me laugh)
Noticing: that I don’t have a watter bottle with me…must go buy one now. Aha! This is where the “wasting money” thing comes into play.
Feeling: so thankful for moments of vulnerability and acceptance between people.
Bookmarking: several books for the summer, or hoping to very soon (let’s make this summer reading happen).
Opening: cards and letters from friends, true signs of the end of a school year.
Giggling: at Jimmy Fallon’s videos, as always. Here’s a good one if you haven’t seen it before.
Feeling: excited to see my family (and bed) in about 7 hours + grateful for you, you, who took the time to read thru this entire post. Lemme know what you’re liking, wondering, wearing, hoping, playing, etc., I’d love to know.

❤ mariel


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