what mariel sent: mini message 02

margaret atwood quote

I never thought I was really affected by the weather until I experienced the first few warm days in New York after this past brutal winter. It is truly amazing how much a little bit o’ sunshine can do for your overall mood. For instance, I am productively avoiding writing a program for a computer science class by enjoying the sun out on the patio of my school’s cafe. Prior to basking in the sun, my stress levels were thru the roof, but now I’d say they’re only half up the walls. ; )

I hope this weather keeps up until the weekend…I’ve been looking for the opportune weekend to rent bikes with some friends and roam around a park or two. Ah, but I’m getting ahead of myself. I must finish this program first. One thing at a time, Mariel, little by little.

Anyways, if the sun is out, get out there and activate that vitamin D. I enjoyed this quote from Margaret Atwood today, and I hope that you do too.

Have a blessed day/night, y’all.

❤ mariel




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  1. Your blog is sunshine.

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