what mariel made: diy embroidered aprons

I’ve been wanting to try my hand at embroidery for some time now, so I thought that I’d embroider some aprons for a couple of my friends as birthday gifts. I basically watched this video that I found on Pinterest and kind of did my own thing. My fingers and right forearm were a bit sore afterwards, but this project was so much fun. I cannot wait to practice a bit more and embroider everything from tote bags to plain white shoes to clothing. I hope this gives you some ideas and if not, Pinterest is always there to help you out (at this rate, I feel like Pinterest should sponsor me for how much I mention them on this blog). ; )

Basic materials you need for this project:

  • aprons (I got two denim aprons for around $7.99 here)
  • embroidery floss ($0.39 each from my Michael’s)
  • embroidery needles
  • scissors
  • chalk *optional (I used chalk to help me plan my general designs)
denim apron
denim apron (nice sturdy material + inexpensive!)
planning out texas' shape in chalk
planning out texas’ shape in chalk
planning out the name in chalk
planning out the name in chalk
close-up of stitching
texas in progress
texas in progress
texas finished!
texas finished (later i added a white heart for the city where katie’s from)
in progress
in progress
working on the name
working on the name
katie's complete apron
finished katie’s apron
chalk plan for design
planning the flower design in chalk (sorry, I had already done the name by the time I took pictures!)
flower embroidery
flower embroidery (inspired by rifle paper co.)
flower embroidery
flower embroidery (inspired by rifle paper co.)
meghin's completed apron
meghin’s completed apron
katie's completed apron
katie’s completed apron

Each apron took me about 2-3 hours, I’d say, and it was the perfect opportunity to turn on some Netflix (I had Scrubs on, love that show) + listen to some music/podcasts (I recommend the MOTH podcast). Overall, it was a soothing and relaxing time that I cannot wait to experience again.

Have a blessed morning, day, or night, y’all. Thanks so much for hanging around.

❤ mariel




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