what mariel does: taking stock #2 {apr 2014}

If you didn’t catch my first round of taking stock, check it out here to get the gist of it. It’s just something fun that I enjoy filling out every once in a while to “take stock” of what I’m up to.

Making: plans to bake + catch up one-on-one with a dear friend soon
Cooking: nothing currently, but getting excited to have my own kitchen next year!
Drinking: not as much water + tea as I should be {I need to invest in a quality water bottle, like this one}
Reading: The Maze Runner for two reasons: (1) Dylan O’Brien in the movie coming out soon, (2) Dylan O’Brien in the movie coming out soon {it’s an easy read that should have taken me less than a couple days to read, but I read at the pace of a snail}
Wanting: a new pair of sneakers to wear around casually, something like this or this
Looking: for possible creative opportunities/internships for next semester
Playing: Little Girl Blue by Laura Mvula and Bahama’s Barchords album on repeat {oh and this song, thanks Emilee!}
Wasting: time~ {that’s a song lyric, isn’t it?}
Sewing: or rather just embroidered somethings that will be featured in a blog post coming up soon
Wishing: I was here
Enjoying: the calm + quiet of early mornings spent at Joe Coffee
Waiting: until I can go biking in Central Park later when the weather becomes consistently sunny + warm
Liking: Danielle Haim, definitely my woman crush for the past couple months {also just loving Haim’s music in general}
Wondering: exactly what has sparked certain friendships and what is threatening others…
Loving: the library because it is a magical place where work gets done
Hoping: that I can keep up the “health kick” I’m feeling right now
Marveling: at Bollywood movies {my friends recently turned me onto Aaja Nachle, and it was spectacular to say the least}
Needing: to get back into shape {I did this full workout for the first time in a while, and it completely kicked my butt!}
Smelling: a mixture of coffee + cigarettes {currently sitting in Stumptown Coffee Roasters on 29th}
Wearing: my jean jacket more often, I want to invest in a new one soon though
Following: my whims lately {for instance, I think I’m going to take pictures by myself in the photo booth before I leave…because why not?}
Noticing: how fast time has zoomed by {I cannot believe I’m a couple months away from completing my second year of college!}
Knowing: that I want to be more present in some facets of my life
Thinking: about the next semester + all of the craziness that it will be {I’m half scared and half super excited}
Feeling: so much love for my friends, I love ’em so much!
Bookmarking: Flannery O’Connery’s short stories, they’re short enough for me to read in one sitting, but I can never read more than a couple at a time… {thank you, Kelly, for letting me borrow your copy of the complete stories}
Opening: Pinterest for actual DIY projects to do {finally utilizing my ‘future diy’ board}
Giggling: at this video, oh man, I almost died in the library when I first saw it
Feeling: the spring weather come back to New York. 60 degrees + sunny. Thank. You. Jesus.

❤ mariel


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