what matt, max, & mariel made: surprise party {for the usual hostess}

To explain the title of this post, my dear friend, Meghin, is usually the hostess/one who prepares the parties or events. She always prepares the sweetest decorations and delicious food for all sorts of events, so for her 21st birthday, I thought that I’d help out in the decor department to help throw her a party worthy of her “crafty/artsy-ness.” Thanks to the help of a secret Pinterest board and the sweet company of lovely friends we threw Meghin a surprise 21st birthday party to remember.

Special thanks to Matt for being a superb boyfriend and organizing all of this for Meghin. And to Max, one of my favorite [tall] people, for helping me with all of the decorations. ; )

Here’s a list of the decorations we used: (see pictures below to see how they were used)

  • mason jars
  • christmas lights
  • candles
  • brown butcher paper
  • color palette: mint/robin’s egg blue, white, orange
  • tissue paper flowers (tutorial here)
  • cute cake banner with bunting (skewers as poles) *I forgot to actually put this on the cake! (looked something like this)
  • flowers, flowers, flowers *tulips + wax flowers
  • photo booth props

Food: (the party started around 8pm, so it was after dinner time)

  • big ol’ box of hors d’oeuvres from Costco (Costco is your best friend)
  • crescent rolls with goat cheese in the middle (thank you, Matt, for those)
  • cupcakes/pastries/sweets (thank you to Meghin’s mother, for sending them over!)

Pictures from that night:

en route to the apartment with supplies
flowers waiting to be fluffed
pre-fluffed flowers
fluffed flowers
before setting up the photobooth backdrop, this is how I brought them over to the apartment so as not to squish them (roll ’em up!)
backdrop with flash (love this look)
photobooth backdrop (to set up: fringe strips of butcher paper + just layer them + tape up in tiers)
streamers + lights
paper flowers in action
made a streamer banner to go above a door, but realized it would get caught in the opening and closing of the door…so just hung it on a wall
after setting up!
paper flowers
paper flowers (just used string + tape to hang these babies)
streamers + christmas lights (thank you, max)
flowers + mason jars + candle (apologies for the blurriness)
photobooth backdrop + props ready to go
a different possible option for photobooth background
waiting for guests~
kelly + me (feat. mustache)
katie + elaine (feat. furby + mask/helmet)
adriana (feat. furby)
matt + meghin
photobooth fun
meghin + her portrait cake
the birthday girl (with icing on face) + matt + amazing birthday cake (made by matt + max)

(photos taken with my canon powershot + an iPhone 5, by the way)

birthday girl + cake
birthday girl + cake
goofin' around
goofin’ around
more photo booth fun
more photo booth fun
good times + max
good times + max : )
birthday girl + boys on the roof
birthday girl + boys on the rooftop
the girls
birthday girl + girls on the rooftop

It was a lovely evening overflowing with laughter and great fellowship. I am so grateful to have been part of this intimate and festive occasion. May you have a blessed 21st year filled with God’s grace, personal growth, and learning experiences (and tons of laughter + good food), Meghin. Happy Birthday!

❤ mariel


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