what mariel loves: home

Dana Tanamachi watercolor of Texas
beautiful watercolor of Texas by the wonderfully talented Dana Tanamachi {taken from her Instagram, click here}

“Makes me sad that others can’t have it the same way
Oh, home, home” -Dan Croll, Home

After being home during my spring break for one brief week, I have come to realize how much I love just being home and how blessed I am to identify one, concrete, physical space as my home. My dear friend Hannah just turned me onto another amazing blog, Bleubird blog, and one of the things that I adore reading about is the posts that simply recount the daily, “mundane” motions that this beautiful family goes through on a regular basis. At one point during my binge reading session of this blog however, I realized that I was so infatuated with their home, their family, basically their lifestyle, and was overlooking all of these lovely aspects of my own life and home.

Here are a few of the things that make my home a homeHaving my family constantly around makes it a home. The endless amount of dishes to do makes it a home. The home security alarm system (in all of its annoying beeping) makes it a home. The slouchy couch cushions make it a home. The overall ordered messiness makes it a home. The neighborhood that surrounds my house makes it a home. The plethora of memories associated with this house makes it a home. The finicky shower heads make it a home. I dunno, so many things make not only the house that I live in my home but make Texas my home. I have so much to say about Texas, which will probably be an entirely separate post, but I just wanted to get my thoughts on “internet paper,” aka this blog. Needless to say, I loved being home and look forward to going back after the end of this semester. What about you? What quirky things make your house/apartment/dorm/city a home to you? Let me know in the comments below. : )

Well, it’s always a pleasure, y’all. Have a blessed day or night.

❤ mariel

p.s. A suitable song to listen to with this post would be Dan Croll’s song, Home (going to see him live in several weeks…!)


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  1. my dog and his inability to stop barking at entering/exiting

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