what mariel does: taking stock #1 {jan 2014}

image by Mariel Kim via VSCOcam

Lately, I’ve been interested in reading more blogs, focusing more on the words rather than the pictures and the do-it-yourself projects. Thanks to a good friend (ahem, Hannah Choi) I found myself reading The Day Book blog and stumbled upon this fun yet reflective post idea. (Thank you to Meet Me At Mike’s blog for the original idea.) I actually think I might do this once a month or once every couple months. It’s an unconventional way to look back on past months to see what you were up to. So here goes, taking stock #1.

Making: plans to take a road trip down to Austin with a couple girlfriends next week {post comin’ up on that}
Cooking: chicken parmesan for family coming over soon
Drinking: copious amounts of green tea + Korean barley tea everyday…so soothing~
Reading: Creative Confidence by Tom + David Kelley {a Christmas gift from my dad}
Wanting: this coat for when I return to school {my goal: to look like a stylish marshmallow}
Looking: forward to doing more of these “taking stock” posts in the future {these are fun!}
Playing: Feist’s Let It Die album on repeat, can’t get enough of it
Wasting: time as I scroll continuously through Sprouted Kitchen’s food blog {so, so many beautiful photos of food}
Sewing: a quilt. JUST KIDDING, I wish. currently sewing nothing.
Wishing: I was sewing a quilt {something like this}
Enjoying: driving + jamming out in my car before I go back to college
Waiting: to have my own kitchen at college so I can make all the yummy things I pin on Pinterest
Liking: Zach Braff {#mancrush} and the tv show Scrubs in general
Wondering: when I will actually get Photoshop to make pretty collages + things of the sort
Loving: watching Family Ties {via Netflix} + singing the theme song with my sister, Bethel
Hoping: this semester goes smoothly in terms of academics
Marveling: at the truly wacky weather in Texas
Needing: a personal trainer {at my current state of will power, I need all the help I can get}
Smelling: the delicious Yuzu body lotion that I scored for $6 at Whole Foods last summer {smells of citrus-y heaven}
Wearing: stripes at least every other day {I have this shirt from Uniqlo in 3 different colors}
Following: Anna Jepson’s blog, Lady and Like, for her lovely writing + great aesthetics
Noticing: how fast Bethel has grown from my baby sister into a young lady {she’ll always be my baby sister}
Knowing: that I should enjoy the last week of winter break with my family + my own bed + my own shower
Thinking: about how losing weight makes some people look taller…yeah, I’m kinda out of it right now
Feeling: physically cold, my feet + my arms. I need a down-filled Snuggie…I wonder if that’s a thing, Googling it now.
Bookmarking: Grace Helbig’s new Youtube channel…and Netflix {but Netflix is pretty much a constant}
Opening: Spotify every time I open my computer, gotta have my mood music
Giggling: at funny snapchat videos that I made with my sisters
Feeling: so grateful for a new year. period.

*props to those who understand my photo for this post, couldn’t help myself.

Have a blessed one y’all!

❤ mariel


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