what mariel made: new year’s goals {happy 2014!}

h a p p y   { b e l a t e d }   2 0 1 4 !

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Happy New Year, everyone! The year of 2013 truly whizzed by, as I’m sure it did for most people. I’d just like to take a second to look back on the past year and the blessings that filled it.

My 2013:

  • ended my first year of college + started my second year
  • found a really great college ministry + church family
  • was introduced to the wonderful world of computer science
  • had an extraordinary summer internship experience
  • realized the magical pull of new york city {dunno if that clearly explains what I mean?}
  • further recognized + experienced the power of prayer and true Christian community
  • reminded of God’s mercy and grace + the fragility of life
  • made new friendships + strengthened older ones
  • valued + missed my family more
  • progressed more in my journey with God
  • finally started a blog!

Of course there were many other blessings that I could think of, but these up here ^ are just some of them to name a few. I really cannot express how grateful I am to be living the life I am. 2013 was a wonderful year, but it definitely came with many challenging and trying times. There have been so many generous and thoughtful people in my life that I cannot thank enough who have been there for me and have seen me in my best and worst times. The numerous opportunities given to me in 2013 were also such added bonuses to the year, and I look forward to seeing where God will lead me in 2014 and beyond.

Now for the resolution part of this post, I am rather conflicted as to what to do here. Of course I want to have resolutions for the new year, but at the same time, I have been reading other blogs that have been emphasizing to enter the new year with acceptance + a willingness/proactivity to move forward (without stipulating specific resolutions). And although I’d love to leave y’all with an organized list of resolutions for tradition’s sake, something about this new year feels different. To be honest, I was in a slump at the very start of the January, so making a list of resolutions was not one of my top priorities. The only things I was interested in doing were sleeping, eating, and watching movies.

Since 2014 feels different, I think I will compromise by avoid making strict resolutions and instead make some long term goals I’d like to see met in the new year. *note: in the following goals, I refer to myself as “mar” sometimes…I’m just telling myself some of these things more directly.

Goals for 2014:

  • r e a d   m o r e   b o o k s   f o r   l e i s u r e  {from my observation, many articulate people are avid readers, plus I think there’s something romantic about being a bookworm, or maybe it’s just me?}
  • p r a y   r e g u l a r l y   +   s e t   a s i d e   a   d a y  {can’t underestimate the power of prayer}
  • b e   m o r e   c o g n i z a n t   o f   m o n e y   s p e n d i n g  {new york city is great in many ways, but definitely not for my wallet. be a good steward of money, mar}
  • e x p l o r e   t h e   c i t y   m o r e  {I’ve been to my fair share of cafes, but go see more! go to Brooklyn, go find this hidden playground, rent a City Bike and go biking in Central Park, go kayaking for free on the Hudson, go to free art galleries in Chelsea, take advantage of the city, mar!}
  • r e f l e c t   +   w r i t e   m o r e  {I need to write my thoughts down more…questions, ideas, blog posts, quiet times, plus I like writing…it exercises a different part of my brain, for sure}
  • c o n t i n u e   t o   c r e a t e  {whether it’s drawing a quick sketch of a mug, crocheting a scarf, watercoloring cards, etc. never stop creating, mar}
  • l o v e   m o r e   +   j u d g e   l e s s  {I feel like I’ve gotten more bitter + quick to judge the past several months and don’t like it at all…be more understanding and humble even if it’s just in your heart, mar}
  • b l o g   c o n s i s t e n t l y  {it’s easy to forget and neglect this blog, but it helps me delve into my creative side + brings me so much joy}
  • z u m b a ,   d o   m o r e   z u m b a  {you can never go wrong with zumba…it’s cliche, but the saying “it’s a party! you don’t realize you’re exercising!” really applies here}
  • r e m e m b e r   w h e r e   y o u   c o m e   f r o m  {stay rooted + don’t take your life for granted even in the hard times…you are so blessed + loved}

Alrighty, 10 goals, I think that’s a nice, round number. I will probably write these down and have them by my mirror, door, or something (there also might be a future DIY project laced in there somewhere). I guess we’ll see how this system of “resolutions” goes down. Hopefully it’s a good one.

Anyways, whether you got off to a slow start like me or whether you were one of the first people at the gym at 6:00AM on January 1st, I wish y’all a very blessed + growing  2 0 1 4.

❤ mariel

p.s. here’s a funny video to start off your year  : )

thank you to my sister, Laurel for taking the photos + inducing the laughter seen above


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  1. Cristina Belgodere January 11, 2014 — 1:31 am

    This is darling!

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