what mariel loves: instagrammers

There’s no denying it. No shame. I love Instagram, the art of Instagramming, and certain Instagrammers. I can and have literally spent copious amounts of time scrolling through entire Instagram accounts that I love. I love them all for a variety of reasons, some I look to for fashion/styling inspiration, others for food, and some simply to peer into another person’s life (creepy much? probably). Thus, I am going to share the love (and possibly the addiction of scrolling through Insta-accounts) by sharing some of my favorite Instagram accounts + photos every now and then.

Here I’ve listed 5 Instagrammers + 12 of my favorite pictures from each account. So keep on scrollin’!

1. Anna Jepson (@annajepson) :: fashion, Madewell, cutest babysitting pictures, blog-y, www.ladyandlike.com

2. Hannah Choi (@_hannahchoi) :: photography, cafes, food, fellowship, people, loving friend, www.hannahchoi.4ormat.com

3. Estée (@essie_button) :: youtuber, blogger, quirky + funny, greyhound, canadian in london, www.essiebutton.com

4. Nicole Franzen (@nicole_franzen) :: food photography, brooklyn, cafes, www.nicolefranzen.com

5. Ellen Bennett (@hedleyandbennett) :: aprons, fun + bright, beautiful eyes, audrey hepburn roman holiday-esque hair, smiles, www.hedleyandbennett.com

I hope that you take the time to check some of these awesome people and their respective sites out. Also let me know of any Instagrammers you follow and love! I’m always looking for outlets of inspiration!

Thanks y’all for sticking around! Have a grrrreat weekend and a blessed day/night.

❤ mariel


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