what mariel made: hunger games photo booth

Ah, in light of seeing the weekend on the horizon, huzzah. But also in light of the new Hunger Games movie, Catching Fire, premiering this weekend, double huzzah. I actually just saw the movie, and without giving too much away, I am just going to say that I do not regret spending $15 on the early premiere show. It was good. Pretty good. Go see it for yourself. Actually, here’s the trailer if you haven’t seen it already.

Back to the main subject, I helped put together another photo booth for my church’s college ministry, City Campus Ministry, at our Hunger Games-themed game night. I made a simple backdrop and some props like I did for the previous Halloween-themed photo booth. So, here are some ideas for Hunger Games-themed props and a backdrop if you want to throw a Hunger Games-themed birthday party (maybe centered around viewing the Catching Fire movie?).

The backdrop:

sketching out the design in pencil first (with the help of a ruler)
going over in sharpie pt. 1
going over in sharpie pt. 2
going over in sharpie pt. 3
all traced in with sharpie!

The props: (*tip: use skewers and more thick stock paper for daintier props like mustaches, beards, bow ties, etc.)

seneca crane’s beard
nightlock berries
trademark arrow for katniss
trademark bow for katniss
“may the odds be ever in your favor” speech bubble
“i volunteer as tribute!” speech bubble
trademark loaf of bread for peeta
the props table alongside the backdrop
the finished backdrop in place with a life-size katniss cutout

Like and check out the RUF City Campus Ministry Facebook page to see all of the pictures from the photo booth with the props!

Now, just giving y’all a heads up, do not expect this to be the last photo booth post from me. CCM is having another event or two this year that will most likely feature some photo booth action (cough cough, I see some Christmas-themed photo booths on the horizon).

Thank you so much for visiting what mariel made, and reading to the end! And for that my dear reader, I will leave you with a cheeky Hunger Games joke:

What did Adele start to sing when she saw the new Hunger Games: Catching Fire movie?

“She set fiiiiire to the gaaaames~!” (haha?)

I apologize if cheesy jokes aren’t your thing. If they aren’t, then maybe a nice song will bring a smile to your face? Check this, this, or this one out (some of my current favorites). OR watch this amazing Hunger Games parody made by Sesame Street.

Thanks again for stopping by and have a restful, blessed weekend.

❤ mariel



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  1. Do you have these props in a file that you can share?

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