what mariel loves: brown butcher paper

“Brown paper packages tied up with strings. These are a few of my favorite things.” -Fräulein Maria, The Sound of Music

Brown Paper Birthday Package

Brown butcher paper + baker’s twine = a few of my favorite things. About three weeks ago I bought a roll of butcher paper from Amazon, and I can honestly say that it was one of the best investments I’ve made this year. It was only around $20 for about 200 feet of paper, so this roll will last me for quite a while.

Why was it such a good investment, you may ask? Here’s a list of things that I have done, am doing, or plan to do with this incredibly versatile product.

What to do with butcher paper:

  • make your own wrapping paper for presents (or simply use plain butcher paper to make “brown paper packages tied up with strings”)
use baker’s twine to add a touch of interest to a simple package
(this is a yoga mat I recently wrapped for a friend)
wrapped yoga mat with card + baker’s twine
wrap in plain butcher paper + add fun ribbon, string, flowers, tags to your own taste
wrap gifts and draw on them with white pens, metallic pens, any colored pens
wrap gifts and add a holiday touch with some festive greenery
stamp butcher paper with different shapes:
in this case, neon pink polka dots
same general idea
*tip: use simple tools like the rubber eraser at the end of a pencil as a stamp
use stickers instead of paint to make patterns
  • create visual organizers on a wall (I plan to do this in my dorm room)
put up large sheets of butcher paper (or strips) to create visual “frames” to display photos, inspirational pictures, quotes, etc.
  • use as a backdrop for a photo booth (see my post about creating a backdrop for a Halloween photo booth)
Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
see this post: https://whatmarielmade.wordpress.com/2013/10/29/what-mariel-made-photo-booth-backdrop-props-halloween-themed/
  • set down paper for messy activities + make for easy clean-up (recently trimmed my friend’s bangs and never was more grateful for butcher paper)
  • wrap baked goods and/or any food for an organic + simple look
see what some butcher paper, twine, a label can do to a simple mason jar? it’s pretty awesome, in my opinion
(I should check out Kitten & the Bear)
1. print or stamp designs/words on butcher paper and make goodie bags
2. I just had to include this, such a cute idea
just love the way the butcher paper makes this food look SO GOOD yet effortlessly thrown together…maybe not? maybe just me?
another idea for a goodie bag, can’t you imagine a large, yummy cookie in here?
*tip: line the bag with parchment or wax paper to avoid grease spots
  • use to make menus for parties
hang a sheet of butcher paper (or roll, if you can manage) with the menu written on it
  • use as personalized + practical table setting for fun food bars (i.e. grilled cheese bar, s’mores bar like this one, etc.)
cute idea to draw your own place mats and settings on butcher paper, especially if you’re going to serve a simple and non-messy food like grilled cheese
to be even simpler, just write down names of guests to add a special, subtle touch to a gathering
this idea is amazing and super simple! the paper does the talking for ya!
  • make lists
doesn’t have to be a menu, just make lists!
  • print invitations on butcher paper
print in a contrasting color and more modern mix of fonts to contrast with the butcher paper’s traditional qualities
love the design of these invitations

For countless more ideas concerning butcher paper uses, I suggest simply searching “butcher paper diy” on Pinterest or Tumblr (or following me on Pinterest, wink wink). Ah but putting aside the social media plugs, I really do hope that you’ve been inspired to purchase a roll of butcher paper and attempt at least one of these DIY ideas. I will not be surprised if  you discover newer, more innovative ideas for this multi-purpose product, and please let me know what those ideas are! Have fun creating + crafting!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for stopping by again! I salute you for reading to the end of this post. Hmm, since you got this far, wanna hear a joke? Well, here’s one, so take it or leave it.  : )

Why isn’t Dracula ever invited to parties?

Because he’s a pain in the neck! (haha?)

If that didn’t tickle your fancy, I assure you, this, this, or this will. Ellen Degeneres never lets me down.

Okay, well thanks again for stopping by, and have a blessed morning, day, or night.

❤ mariel


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