what mariel made: photo booth backdrop + props {halloween-themed}

First of all, my sincere apologies for the extended hiatus. I do not have other reasons other than the trite “life happened and got in the way” and “I was just lazy” excuses. I am sorry, but I am here for good, and will continue to share on this blog, no matter what. So let’s get a move on, shall we?

Since coming to college, I have realized that Halloween does not simply consist of one night or one weekend in October. In reality, it extends for at least one week (including two weekends) due to multiple fall breaks and various midterm schedules. I recently attended my first and only Halloween party of the year, and came up with some fun projects that I am excited to share with you.

At this particular party, there was a photo booth. Photo booths are probably one of my favorite party activities mostly because they document all of the great memories and cute moments in a fun activity. I had the pleasure of making the backdrop for this photo booth as well as some goofy props with the help of my lovely friends, Adriana + Rebecca.

For the backdrop, I used brown butcher paper (there is an upcoming post expressing my deep love for brown butcher paper), a pencil, and a sharpie (and a ruler for neatness’ sake). Basically, what I envisioned for the backdrop was a general calligraphy heading with decorative borders extending from the corners. So, I set up my roll of butcher paper on a large table, looked up “gothic letters” on Google images, and sketched out a design in pencil before going over it with my sharpie. This can be adapted to many other photo booth backdrops as well with just a switch of the calligraphy style

Photo Booth Backdrop Plan Sketch
miniature planned sketch of the backdrop for the photo booth

Sketched Calligraphy Heading
calligraphy heading sketched in pencil
Pencil Sketch of Heading
another view of the finished sketched heading
Tracing With Sharpie
going over the pencil sketch with a black sharpie
Filling In With Sharpie
tracing and filling in the heading with sharpie
Corner Cobwebs
free handed the corner cobweb design with sharpie
Completed Backdrop for Photo Booth
completed backdrop in photo booth setting

The props were made using:

  • thick construction/scrapbooking craft paper *make sure your paper is thick enough to stand up when attached to a stick
  • markers
  • popsicle sticks/wooden dowels/skewers *use your desired type of wooden stick
  • tape and/or glue (for extra support)
  • ideas from searching “photo booth props” in Pinterest
Props Table
getting the props table ready for the photo booth (toilet paper used in the “mummy game”)
Props Table
the props table (props made by Adriana, Rebecca, and myself)
cork beard made by yours truly (outlined in brown marker for definition in pictures)
Batman Mask
batman mask made by yours truly
the brown mustache was made by yours truly & the gray mustache was made by Adriana
the outrageously fun pair of eyes and lips were made by Adriana
Hipster Glasses
these incredibly cute “hipster” glasses were made by Adriana (tip gleaned from Adriana: use real sunglasses or eyeglasses as a template to gage the size of your props)
Speech Bubbles
these speech bubbles were inspired by Pinterest and made by yours truly (love a good pun)
Speech Bubble
this BOO! speech bubble was made by yours truly
Bow Ties
these bow ties were made by yours truly (outlined with markers)
All The Props
the full set of props made by Adriana & me (and my lovely yellow gingham bedspread…)
Photo Booth Set-Up
my sweet & talented friend, Rebecca, setting up the photo booth station (we added a second sheet of butcher paper beneath this one later on)
Welcome Greeting on White Board
welcome greeting I drew on a white board with black dry erase markers

To see pictures of the photo booth + props in action, visit and like the CCM Facebook Page. (I’m afraid I cannot post too many of those pictures on my blog for privacy and copyright purposes.) There are many INNOVATIVE and CREATIVE costume ideas in these pictures as well. For my costume, I made use of a gray wool cape/poncho (this exact one), a gray wool cap (this exact one), a homemade paper magnifying glass and became Sherlock Holmes for the evening. Here is a picture from the CCM Facebook page of me in my costume. (I’m afraid I did not take any pictures of my own costume that night. Sorry…)

The Halloween party was such a fun time filled with interesting costumes, S’Mac, and great fellowship. I am so grateful for City Campus Ministry and the community I’ve found there. I cannot wait to spend more time with this amazing group of people in the next several years to come.

Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by, and I hope that you got some ideas for your own Halloween parties. Be safe this Halloween, and have a blessed morning, day, or night.

❤ mariel


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