what mariel made: ‘tie the knot’ engagement card

photo by Mariel Kim

photo by Mariel Kim

In my opinion, there is something about spring time and summer that attracts the welcoming of babies, weddings, and engagements. One of my friends recently got engaged, and I wanted to give her a card that was a bit different. And of course the first place I went to for ideas was Pinterest. After perusing a couple (okay, maybe a lot) of wedding boards, I saw some card ideas that inspired me to create this card. I thought it was a cute idea to play off of the saying “to tie the knot.”

Here are some ideas to add something special to a DIY engagement card:

  • cut two holes in card and insert a knotted string (you can use shoe laces, thick yarn, ribbon, etc.)
  • cover the ends of the string on the back of the card with another piece of cardstock
  • recycle some of your favorite wrapping paper scraps to use as decorative paper to construct your card (I mounted the “tie the knot” portion of my card on one of my favorite wrapping paper designs)
  • write/print the main message in fun calligraphy and mix it up to emphasize “tie the knot”

I hope this inspired you to put a fun spin on a congratulatory engagement card. Have fun and congratulations to all the newly weds and newly engaged out there!

❤ mariel


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